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Boiler Controls

One Source Engineering, Inc. is proud to be an Authorized Autoflame Technical Center. The Autoflame Combustion Management System is the state-of-the-art boiler controller.


  • Ensures maximum efficiency of any boiler by optimizing the air-to-fuel ratio.
  • Reduces natural gas consumption through precise servo motor positioning of air dampers and fuel valves. No linkage or cams to wear, jam, or slip!
  • PID Control combined with servo motors and variable speed drive maintains the temperature or pressure set point with extreme accuracy.
  • Reduces electric consumption by using variable speed drives to assure that fan motors and feed water pumps are being operated at optimal speeds.


  • Monitors all boiler parameters continuously for enhanced safety.
  • Achieves ideal combustion accuracy and repeatability.
  • Accommodates remote monitoring and control through your BAS/EMS or via internet.

Autoflame also offers controls for continuous Exhaust Gas Analysis (EGA), and water level controls which offer accuracy and exceptional safety for steam boilers.

Boilers & Equipment

One Source Engineering, Inc. represents Precision Boiler, hot water and steam boilers, firetube and watertube, electric and natural gas. We also offer combustion analysis equipment, Kane May and UEI. We have engineers that offer consultation in equipment selection including boilers, burners, feed water tanks, deaerator,s, pumps, controls, stack, and related equipment.